MCHNB launched in November with no fanfare whatsoever as I hadn't got my head around selling my stuff. If you are reading this now it means I have and that I am telling people about this shop, or, you are googling something really weird about cats..however you came to be here welcome.  My shop is for selling works related to my current bodies of work and anything you buy helps me buy more stuff with which to be an artist.  So thank you and happy shopping!  Like my page and tell your friends and your friend's friends.  I am also happy to take  commissions. Fancy putting your favourite art work on a cushion/plinth? Or like a cell picture that is all about you or a subject dear to your heart?  I am your woman. Please email me either on this site or on my artist website

Bit of background: I am a mixed media artist with an deep rooted impulse to never throw anything away.  Recyling is integral to my work.  My work is about the female experience and the everyday.  You can follow my blog at

P.S. The name for my shop came straight out of my son's homework book.